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is provided by website is built just for FIFA 15 players.

OKAYGOODS.COM is a registered company based in China. We have three branches in the world. One is in the United States. One is in the United Kingdom and one is in the Australia. Our core business is making secondary markets, for the buying and selling virtual currencies and property. We started this business in 2005.

Our annual sales total more than $6 million dollars. We have more than 1 million registered users. The amount of orders we have processed is more over 1 million. We employee over 100 staff full time.We have 1000+ computers. We have our own livechat system, and many special ITs to make us more professional, more efficient. We can supply the best service with lowest cost. This is the reason make us the no.1 in the MMO secondary market.

In 2013 we change our business model. We want to be a platform for the players who want to sell and buy virtual assets. We focus all of our resource on the promoting Okaygoods brand. In old days we have more than 30 brands. It includes rswalmart, diablo3walmart, and etc. The Wal Mart disputed us about those brand, we gave up those brands. Okaygoods want to be a first company which go to the nasdaq. We will try our best to a similiar amazon in MMO secondary market.

Our slogan is Okaygoods offer the okay goods.


The secondary markets permits some players to better enjoy their gaming experience by supplementing their in-game assets, while allowing other players with more time to commit to online gaming to earn real-world income by redistributing their in-game wealth. Gamers see the secondary market as yet another thrilling dimension to their MMORPG experience.

It not only gives players the advantage of greater flexibility so that can focus on aspects of the game they most enjoy, but it also allows players to get real world value for the effort and time they invest in the games. This remarkable connection between virtual and real world economies is the beginning of the next generation of entertainment that is contextually-based and commerce-driven. There is also a growing demand for in-game services that will more tightly integrate the secondary market to the games themselves, giving game players even more game play flexibility and enjoyment.

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